My favorite thing about the workouts is the creativity

that Giancarlo brings to the class.  It's never boring. 

Difficult at times yes, but

that feeling when you're

done is so gratifying.

Brenda Nugent, on Group Classes

Do it!  It honestly is not only a good workout, but a lot of fun.  We have a lot of laughs, encourage each other and make new friends.

Michelle Fanning, on Group Classes

I think for us both, biggest struggle is just starting... being motivated to do a workout, especially now with the pandemic when you can’t go to your favorite gym, it’s hard!


When you see people working out around you it’s easier, you get motivation... but now, we need an extra push, we need someone to keep us accountable, we need a friendly face that will kick our butts for the health of it! That’s why we love working out with Giancarlo!

Daria Kacheva, on Personal Training

Giancarlo is great at showing the right technique and helping to gradually improve towards the right execution. And all of this with great fun. Tennis is a great combination of brain, technique and strength. What I love is the mental resilience that is needed to win a game, whichever the level of the opponent.

Carlo Caimi, on Tennis Lessons